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Small holder farmers represent majority of farmers in South Sudan. They have limited resources, practice subsistence farming and cultivate less than one hectare. Consequently, agricultural reproduction and productivity remains very low and this has made the country not able to meet its food demands.

The agricultural sector is not utilized properly. More than 90% of the land in South Sudan is arable. However, only 4% of this is currently used. The country has a huge potential of being the breadbasket not only to its citizens but also in Africa and beyond.

The country continues to depend on finished goods coming from neighbouring countries. Sabur is working to bridge this divide and strives together with its partners to increase market access for the small holder farmers and to improve the food value chains.

We work to build good road networks that ensures agricultural produce is delivered to markets on time with minimal disruptions. Building the right infrastructure can minimise transaction costs incurred by small scale farmers, assist the farmers to upscale their production capabilities, boost the processing of agricultural products and in the long run, help South Sudan to be self-sufficient.

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